Hyundai MIB 11 (Value Sorter)

SB series is one of the most reliable and intelligent banknote counting machines that uses
“Image Processing” technology to identify banknotes and separate different banknotes.
Using a modern design, a fully graphic LCD, and a user-friendly environment, the SB series provides a completely secure and efficient environment.
Due to being equipped with a package of rejected banknotes, the series MIB allows the carrier to perform daily “Cash-Processing” operations without any interruption. During the counting operation, suspicious, unrecognizable banknotes and anonymous banknotes are referred to the envelopes of rejected banknotes without any interruption in the counting operation.

1. Highly accurate and complete banknote separator based on
based on the percentage of adhesive tape attached to the banknote, dirt and dust, tear, fold, perforated banknote, scratch, new and old, banknote quality Etc.
2. Large 4.2-inch graphic LCD display
Large clear 4.2-inch graphic LCD display
3. Different operating methods
Composite, single, appearance, matching, counting and separate banknotes
4. Better detection of counterfeit banknotes
Magnetic sensor, UV sensor and IR sensor
5. Ability to identify different currencies
6. Easy upgrade
using USB memory
7. Includes Fitness shortcut key
Easily enter Fitness mode by pressing the “Fitness” key
8. Easy fix of paper errors and blockages
due to having two compartments at the top and back of the system
9. User-friendly interface
Easy menu, settings and configuration
Technical specifications
1. Size: 289
length, height 321, width 312 mm
2. Weight:
16 kg
3. Input capacity:
300 sheets of banknotes
4. Capacity of each floor:
Maximum 200 banknotes
5. Rejected banknote capacity:
Maximum 100 banknotes
6. Counting speed:
800/1000/1200 banknotes per minute
7. Classification speed:
Approximately 700 sheets of banknotes per minute
8. Type of connection:
2 RS232c ports, and 2 USB ports
9. Power consumption:
100-240 volts / 50.60 Hz