ATM / Receive MX-8600

Introducing the MX8600

– Compact Cash Recycling ATM (ATM) with the ability to receive and pay cash bills to provide

unparalleled ease and speed in providing customer service

– Suitable for financial institutions where cash transfer is a high priority.

• Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 5 cassettes * W 450mm x D 1169mm x H 1500mm
Dimensions: 4 cassettes * W 450mm x D 1016mm x H 1500mm
Weight: 540 kg G
Temperature: 0 ~ ~ 40 ℃
Humidity: 25% ~ 85%
Features Optimal usage
Natillo Hyosung’s advanced cash payment technology helps financial institutions reduce cash management costs and improve their ATM network access. Completely unique and compact design of Monimax8600 increases productivity in branch space
• Unparalleled flexibility
– Monimax8600 for optimal use Cassette and effective operation of the ATM, depending on the available space, offers several options such as cash payment, receiving banknotes and cash recycling.
• Maximum reliability
Monimax8600 with The same reliability as expected from Nautilus Hyosung was designed and engineered, and uses cash recycling technology, which is known as the best technology in the industry. Ease of maintenance and easy service of this device provides maximum service time with minimal user intervention.
• Adequate protection and security
– In line with global security standards, Nautilus Hyosung continues to provide up-to-date and advanced security solutions to protect its customers and assets. Monimax8600 can be easily integrated into any existing monitoring system, and data transfer can be integrated for effective self-service network management.