Hybrid ATM MX-8800 ATM

The MX8800 increases customer satisfaction and branch efficiency by utilizing a new generation of safe and customer-oriented technology. Offers personalized service, video link, or
• Advantages of the device
* Maximum productivity
MX8800 performs normal operations as self-service and without interruption, and also supports special operations when necessary with the help of the bank operator – in person or via video link. What is the result? Your branch will be able to handle more
operations with the same staff and resources available.
* Increase the performance of branch employees
With the help of this device and the use of new methods to eliminate manual operations, the possibility of responding to more customers for the branch
is achieved.
The MX8800 gives employees enough time to focus on upgrading their banking services and helping
customers achieve their financial goals. br>>
* Beyond customer expectations
Today, bank customers demand practical and reliable services to manage their money
The MX8800 can support only one terminal, both self-service and operations that require operator assistance, resulting in significantly increased customer satisfaction. Win.
* Provide services according to your needs
Ability to choose from a range of standard hardware options and capabilities, as well as control tools Which is provided to the individual, and also with the possibility of combining them in different ways, it is possible to meet the unique needs of each customer and at the same time optimize the time and resources of the branch