CBD500 machine is a new model of personalized Cheque machines from ROTOTYPE company, which has been designed and produced by this company at the request and order of Iran Nara company.

CBD500 machine, like its previous model (CBD1000) ) Has the ability to issue a large number of checks at high speed, and after printing the check sheets, check order sheets and the cover of the check box, binding operations are performed, which include staples and glue, and the check batch is sent to the box under the machine. Or moved to the front valve of the device.

Another point that should be mentioned about the CBD500 device is that according to the latest decree of the Central Bank, printing two-dimensional barcodes is mandatory from May 2017, and the CBD500 device is the only tool that everyone wants. It integrates bank accounts, from personalization and 2D barcode printing to bookbinding.
* Has two separate inputs for checklists and checklists

* Ability to print in Persian all information items on the check such as name, branch code, account number, night code, etc.
* Ability to print MICR and control the accuracy of its insertion after printing MICR on each sheet
* Personalization and naming of checks
* MICR coding with E13B or CMC7 standard
* Ability to print text and graphics on Checklist
* Ability to print a two-dimensional barcode (QR code) on a checklist