Banknote sorter machine Hyundai MIB 5000

MIB 5000 Banknote Separator
High-precision banknote separator based on tangled banknotes, quality Banknotes,
Folding, based on the percentage of adhesive tape on the banknote, physical condition (new and old), dirt and dust, rupture, perforated banknotes, engraving Ability to identify different currencies
Configurable to identify 10 different currencies.
Different operating modes:
Composite, single banknotes, Matching, Counting, Issue / SRL / P-OCR Banknote Classification Based on
Different Counting Methods Banknotes, single, counting, appearance, matching ،
(optional: Issue, Serial No., Identify, compare and match)


New housing type:
Lift Type
Advanced detection sensors: / div>
CIS (Option: 2 CIS) / Magnetix / UV / IR
Mechanical roller belt detector
Auxiliary tools To the user:
Rugged touch screen + keyboard
Detachable 5-inch TFT touch screen
strong > Technical specifications:
Size: 317 (W) * 335 (D) * 555 (H)

Weight: about 27 kg

Number of packages: 5
Input capacity: 700 Banknote sheet
Capacity of each floor: 200 sheets of banknote
Banknote capacity rejected: 200 sheets of banknote

Counting speed: 700/1000 banknotes per minute

Communication type: RS232C port * 3, port, USB, A & D, LAN