Hyundai MIB 9 Counter



Technical specifications:

Compact dimensions, can be Use even on a small desk

LCD TFT 3-inch display

Clear view of 3-inch display
Ability to recognize different currencies
Able to identify up to 10 different currencies.
Different counting modes
(Issue / SRL / P-OCR) Composite counting, single, default,

with high detection power of counterfeit banknotes

Infrared, 3D, UV, MR, MG Multichannel
Dual-user system
Two different users can use the same device at the same time.
Easy upgrade
PC or USB interface expandable using cable
Easy troubleshooting of banknotes
containing two slots from Front and back of the device for easy troubleshooting of banknotes
with audio keyboard and optical signal
Dimensions of the device: 280 * 269 * 261
Net weight: 8 kg div>
Banknote capacity in the upper compartment: 500 banknotes
Banknote capacity in the lower compartment: 200 banknotes
Banknote container capacity error: 70 banknotes
Counting speed: 600/1000/1200/1500 npm
Recognizability Counterfeit banknotes: UV / MR / (MG) / IR
Interface: 2RS-232C (9Pin D-sub & amp; RJ11) / USB A & D / LAN
Fuse and power consumption: 100 ~ 240VAC.50 / 60 Hz
Count banknote size: W: 100 ~ 185, H: 50 ~ 90
Banknote thickness: mm 0.07 ~ 0.12