MX-5600T ATM

Maximum reliability
The Monimax5600 is designed to have the highest uptime and minimum maintenance required, and similar in reliability Not in the market. You no longer have to worry about moving parts or sudden downtime, as the Monimax5600 is built for long-term uninterrupted operation.
strong> Quality is also a responsibility.
The Monimax series is equipped with Energy Saving features such as low-consumption LCDs and long-lasting components with minimal environmental consequences.
Because the Monimax5600 is designed with an open architecture platform, system upgrades and module changes in the future Makes it easy.
Modular design of the device is one of the ways in which we try to reduce bank costs and provide more convenience for the customer.


Optimal performance

Monimax5600 with features such as bill payment, money transfer and mobile top-up, with easy-to-use menu It offers you a completely optimal function for the customer to perform operations very easily and quickly.
Maximum Security
In accordance with international standards, Nautilus Hyosung Provisions It uses fully advanced security in its products, and the Monimax5600 also has a very secure and cohesive design that prevents any intrusion.
Monimax5600 can easily fit into any existing surveillance system, and integrates data transfer for effective management of self-service channels.
• Technical specifications:

Dimensions: W 463mm x D 811mm x H 1505mm
Weight : 444 kg
Temperature: 0 ~ ~ 40 ℃, -31 ~ ~ 40 ℃ (with Heater)
Humidity: 20% ~ 85%