MoniMax7600I is an ATM machine, to provide all services. Clients can both deposit cash and receive cash and transaction history through fascia valves. This versatile island ATM, which is suitable for installation in parking lots of shopping malls or other places of service to drivers, is an easy-to-maintain delivery system, and can be easily updated to keep up with changes and banking needs.

Advantages of the machine

The technology of depositing money through the automatic machine is the result of designing and producing a cash receipt module (without envelope) by Hyosung. The Monimax 7600i has the highest uptime rate in the industry, providing continuous receiving and paying service to customers.


Easy to deploy, high scalability
The Monimax 7600i is designed to be easy to install in Provides any available space. 1 is installed for depository and cash dispensing sections. Also, this device is equipped with advanced security systems including heat and vibration sensors, security alarms and anti-skimming tools.
Control system:
Microsoft® Windows 7 ® platform
Intel® Pentium®-IV processor or higher
NDC +, DDC912, User Application
15-inch color TFT LCD
• Privacy Filter
• Sunlight readable
TCP / IP (SSL configurable)
Input Type:
PCI EPP (Encrypting PIN pad)
Function Keys


• Touch screen
• Tilting screen
Up to 4 cassettes, with a capacity of 3000 banknotes per cassette

3.1 “graphical thermal receipt printer 3.1”)
5,000 transaction receipt printer (Customer receipt printer with a capacity of 5000 transactions)
Electronic journal
• Journal printer Journal printer
• Statement printer Invoice printer
UL291 Level 1 safe
Electronic safe lock Electronic safe lock
• KABA Mas Cencon safe lock
• security camera Security camera
• seismic and heat sensors and alarm Heat and vibration sensors and alarm
Other items
Lead-through indicator Guide indicator
Illuminated signage
Rear-view mirror Rear-view mirror
• Extreme-weather heater, A / C
Power supply strong>
AC 110-240V, 50-60 Hz
Back-up battery ry Storage Battery
Environmental Conditions
Temperature: – 31 ° F-122 ° F (-35 ° C-50 ° C)
Humidity: 5% -85% (with climate control system)
Weight & Dimensions
Height: 56.7 “(1,439 mm)
Width : 41.3 “(1,048 mm)
Depth: 36″ (914.4 mm)
Weight: 990 kg (2182 Pound) w / env. deposit (according to basic specifications, variable)