ATM MX-7600T

The Monimax 7600T is designed to provide multi-purpose services with features and capabilities such as cash receiver, check scanner and envelope. Because the Monimax 7600T has a wide range of features, it can best meet the needs of your customers. This efficient and cost-effective device will meet your expectations when choosing an ATM.

  • Advantages of the device

One of the advantages of the Monimax 7600T device is that it uses the power of Microsoft® Windows® CE platform, with an exceptional price compared to similar models

In addition, the new design of this device gives a stylish and attractive appearance to the environment.
  • Maximum reliability
The Monimax 7600T is designed to deliver the highest quality with the highest performance time, and in addition It is designed to have minimal maintenance. All Nylus Hyosung ATMs are known for their security and reliability and have a good track record in the US market.