ROTOTYPE DAB8000 check scanner

ROTOTYPE DAB8000 desktop check scanner
The DAB8000 Desktop Check Scanner is a small and compact scanner that is suitable for banking environments.
Rototype DAB 8000 is a small and secure device for scanning texts in various uses such as bank checks and postal uses.
Due to its small size, this device is very suitable for check and letter category uses at the counter level in bank branches and post offices, and at the same time, due to its high efficiency and effectiveness, it can be used in central offices with a high workload.
The top five features that the Rototype design team has in mind for the DAB 8000 are high flexibility, high efficiency, security size, and environmental friendliness.


High flexibility
DAB8000 has high flexibility both in use and in its built-in features
And enables programmers to produce programs that can provide the right solutions to meet customer needs
This device is able to work in three different programming modes.

Free Running mode
In this case, the DAB8000 automatically processes documents.
In this case, the software simply categorizes only information and images, and the device accepts or rejects checks based on MICR codes.

Driven mode
In this case, the device pulls the checks and transmits the information to the program and the check waits for the command from the program that
Check accepted or rejected.

Scan Driven mode
This mode is the same as Driven mode, except that a preview of the image and MICR is displayed, followed by the command
It will be issued properly and if the check is rejected, it will be transferred to the rejected envelope without endorsement.

High efficiency and effectiveness
This device, despite its special complexities, is in the highest efficiency category in the group of similar devices.
DAB 8000 can produce accurate and fast results by using the fastest technology in scanning (speed of one meter per second) processing and data transfer.
Speed ​​coordination between different parts of the image processing and transfer scan eliminates bottlenecks and speeds up the work of the device, and this device is able to scan, process and transfer 120 images per minute.


High compactness in design
The DAB 8000 is designed for easy placement on the user’s desk as well as easy access to replace consumables and very small periodic visits in the size of 27 by 14 cm.
For higher safety, a sensor shuts off the engine if it is opened in the electrical device. This feature is intended for cleaning the image sensor and fixing the device faster in cases where paper gets stuck.

The DAB 8000 device can detect most of the security signs of the check, such as UV designs, and transfer it to the software in order to prevent and detect that the check is fake.
The type of use and selection of these features can be defined by the user according to the use of the collection.


Main features of the device:
* High capacity input tank with 100 checks
* With simultaneous control sensor of two checks
* Automatic reading of MICR font
* Ability to read OCR fonts
* With two output envelopes
* With the screen on the device itself