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Quality and available support will guarantee the sale of more products. And the sale of products is a guarantee of sustainable service delivery in the long run.

One of the strategies of Iran Nara has always been to sell banking products based on diversity and being a leader in technology and low cost.

Last year, Iran Nara participated in market assessments only in tenders that were in line with the company’s mission and goal, and also made it possible to fulfill the obligations in the desired time period and while maintaining the highest quality in past support and new markets. Because the main goal is to maintain customer satisfaction and the company’s reputation.

n1 - Sell HiTech ATMs

The housing ATM tender with 200 machines last year was one of the successful attendances of the company, which is indicated by the request of the bank to increase it to 260 machines.

These devices are not in the previously defined specifications, and the company’s new products that have been researched and software and hardware developed over the past year will be presented in these devices.

Among the products that have been developed in the company and are currently being equipped on the committed devices are as follows:

1. Sun light monitor: This monitor is equipped with the ability to provide lighting under intense sunlight to facilitate the customer’s view on the monitor screen with 1200Nit capability on new Iran Nara devices and intelligently adapts itself to day and night light.
2. Two-dimensional barcode: Ability to read more characters (more than 45 characters) than conventional barcodes in the market, which is mostly linear, as well as the ability to read QR CODEs and meet new customer needs, including the reasons for upgrading Iran Nara’s previous product in this Is the domain.
3. IP Camera: Compared to previous digital cameras, these cameras have the ability to record images in their internal memory, the ability to connect to the NVR, motion sensitive, sensitive to the components of the environment, alarms when signal interruption, virtual fence (fence) And … are equipped on new devices.
4. FINGER PRINT: The use of biometric authentication modules is one of the necessities of creating secure access to transactions today, and the fingerprint module is one of them. With high sensitivity in scanning and beautiful location in new products, this module will be available in new Iran Nara devices soon.
5. RFID CONTACTLESS CARD READER: In order to increase the security and protection of customers’ cards against common skimmers, as well as providing higher data reading speeds, Iran Nara new ATMs are equipped with this product. This device has the ability to work in the frequencies of 13.56Mhz and 125khz, which in the future will provide the possibility of charging subway cards through ATMs.

6. Pinpad: One of the needs in the field of security is compliance with the latest security protocols in the world, which is also one of the requirements to enter the banking platform in the world. The new Iran Nara pinpad has PCI5 security protocol as well as RKL SUPPORT.
7. Manouki Braille: Honoring the customer and customer satisfaction is not just a slogan and Iran Nara has equipped Manouki Braille on its devices in order to meet the needs of those enlightened compatriots.

8. PC: Due to the growing need for new technologies and the need to connect them to ATM PCs, as well as the possibility of using all new Windows and at the same time offering a product with much higher speed, you should use new generation motherboards and CPUs. win . In this regard, Iran Nara has also equipped its previous product, which has been tested in 3 banks of the country for 15 months and has had a positive performance, in new devices.
9. Security module: The increasing influx of device thieves physically, caused Iran Nara to design products to detect any physical attack on the device. In addition to being sensitive to impact and heat, this product is also sensitive to opening the safe door, and during the creation of voice alarms, sending text messages and voice messages to the user of the device and monitor the status of the device, an efficient solution to deal with such attacks is . This product is also available in Iran Nara new devices and you can see it soon.

10. Active anti-skimming: Due to the existence of the contact card reader of the device, and the possibility of placing all kinds of skimmers on it, Iran Nara Company has equipped one of the best anti-skimmer models on its card readers, which has many capabilities upon request. Will have a customer. These features include anti-chimer installation, noise generator, shock-sensitive sensor, sensor sensitive to the placement of any foreign object on the anti-card or card reader, online monitoring, several antennas for signaling with different and strong frequencies. In Iran Nara new devices, this product is equipped with the ability to create noise using rectangular antennas that surround the entire card reader opening.

11. Other equipment that you can see on the new devices of the company, the unique cabinet lock, provides access to sound through the handsfree

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