Compuprint SP40 printer

Compuprint SP40 Plus printer
Compuprint SP40 Plus is a new innovation in the market. This device is designed for high-speed printing, versatility and advanced solutions for financial and banking services and general management discussions.
The device with the guarantee of comfort and performance satisfaction with the highest quality and low competitive price of the Sp40Plus device as the best and most appropriate choice for quality productivity (resistance) simplicity and flexibility.
Powerful documents
Compuprint Sp40Plus machine can be used in a wide range of formats and thicknesses. Paper up to A4 size, checks, documents, multi-copy forms, passports, ID cards and tickets, etc.
This device guarantees that all input documents with different thicknesses (up to 2.5 mm) with different angles in terms of placement can be printed with high quality and speed.

low price

This device is offered at the lowest possible price. The ribbon life of this machine is 10 million characters, which means a long print time, and the long life of the printer head for more than 400 million characters (equivalent to more than 1 million characters) and high MTBF confidence reduces the technical changes of the system.

Easy to connect and use
Compuprint Sp40Plus has a simple and user-friendly environment with an LCD display that facilitates user operation. And with financial and standard prototyping, it easily adapts to your existing IT environment.
Standard Sp40Plus interfaces are parallel-serial and USB2.0 (high speed). Other specifications of this device include LAN, added serials, additional USB device, up to 3 USB2.0 ports and (Hobthost) for easy connection with other available devices.

Eco-friendly product
Compuprint Sp40Plus is fully aware of the issue of environmental responsibility and has put three important issues at the top of its agenda:
1- Reduce energy consumption
2- In accordance with the rules for controlling chemicals
3- Resource protection (size and weight reduction)

Sp40Plus has been involved in reducing environmental problems by providing specific solutions. These solutions include the lowest possible standard fuel consumption of over 10 million characters and more than 400 million long-life prints and reversible ingredients.


Valuable features
• Powerful, fast and reliable
• Modern and compact design
• Fast transfer time and secure review of documents
• User device equipped with LCD user panel
• Ribbon life of more than 10 million characters and head print with 400 million characters
• Fully compatible with new applications
• Ability to support new applications
• Different connections including LAN, USB Hub / Host
• Easy configuration with configuration rules or remote
• Special version with Rear tractor