An island called Landscape

I see an island …..
You must have seen a lot in the movies about the ship and the sea, when the watchman shouts “I see an island” at the height of the unrest inside the ship, and then everyone moves in the same direction from the ship. Happy and hopeful for the future.
The Promised Island is the ideal destination or organizational perspective.
In order to maintain and achieve growth and development in the present age, organizations must define their mission and organizational vision and based on their social responsibility to customers to achieve their great goals need strategic planning in accordance with their environmental conditions and mission. are .

8 - An island called Landscape

A mission statement is a document that distinguishes an organization from other similar organizations and represents the range of activities, in terms of product and market, and the vision is a statement of the organization’s orientation and expresses the identity, ideals and how to achieve them.
The support department of Iran Nara Company as the first stage of its strategic plan with the aim of creating a commitment and a sense of ownership / balance between stability and innovation and a platform to change efforts based on assessing potential and internal constraints, potential opportunities and threats from the external environment. All the positive and negative factors inside and outside the organization that affect its success have clearly stated its mission and vision.
In the meantime, the Support Department sets its long-term goals and annual goals, of which the SLA (Reducing Delays in Completion) is only a part, and relies on the synergy of its professional and efficient personnel along the guidelines and policies of the large collection. Iran Nara has acted in the effectiveness of planning, organizing, motivating employees and controlling the activities of the support department in order to create and improve a competitive advantage in meeting the needs and satisfaction of customers with its valuable services.

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