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In order to provide better services to customers, the provincial offices of the ATM Support Department have been established in the provincial centers since 2012.
The office has taken action so far and according to the plans made, the rest of the provincial offices will be opened by the end of 2015.
In order to provide faster and better quality support, all provincial offices are equipped with provincial warehouses and repair shops and with planning
Done during different phases until the end of 1994 and simultaneously with the establishment of provincial offices, the knowledge required to repair all ATM parts
Transfer to provincial repair experts and the possibility of repairing all parts in the provinces. All failures of the country, parts request,
Sending and correspondence, etc. are managed in an integrated way by information systems distributed throughout the country, and through this
Monitoring the quality and speed of services, the status of provincial warehouses, etc. are checked by information systems.
How to provide services in a continuous monitoring cycle and to improve the service situation, appropriate arrangements and solutions are considered.
it is possible. Improving methods and processes of customer service through team and participatory activities among members of the group

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